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Telling Beethoven to get a job

As soon as I learned about my autism and being high functioning (or Asperger’s at the time), I started doing research to find out what it meant. I found out what tends to happen is high functioning autistics are either good at math, music, or both. I got both. I have been told that I…

How the SAT affected my life

I did not find out about my autism until I attended a four-year college at University of California, Riverside (UCR) when I was unable to finish midterm exam. When I informed my professor, she told me that I should find out if I qualify for extra time. I took her advice and went to the…

What is autism?

I have described autism as an ever constant need for stimulation. How did I come to speak of it in that way? My family’s chiropractor has a son, Garrett, who straddles the line of being a nonverbal and verbal autistic. He can talk, but you have to coax it out of him. I have my…

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