The help I got for my autism

I did get help for my autism during the course of my life. When I went to elementary school, music helped me when I started getting piano lessons. As an adult, I started getting neurofeedback, both linear and nonlinear. I started earthing myself when my family started sleeping on earthing mats on our mattresses.

During elementary school, my parents had me go through a procedure where doctors could see how the blood was flowing inside of my brain. Their findings revealed that one side of my brain was not working as optimally as the other side. They were discussing how I was to get that one side working as it should. They concluded that I try playing an instrument, so that I would be using both hands working at the same time.

At the time, my sister had started getting piano lessons. I told my parents that I wanted to take piano lessons too, so it was easy to get me to play an instrument. As I progressed with the piano, the special education school I was at sent me back to regular elementary school. The special education school have no idea what my parents did, but it worked.

As an adult while I was working at Walgreens at their distribution center, I started getting linear neurofeedback. After my first run with the program, the person who knew how to do the linear neurofeedback quit his job and went somewhere else. In order to keep moving forward with neurofeedback, a nonlinear neurofeedback was found. My family ended up buying our own personal nonlinear neurofeedback system from NeurOptimal.

I got certified with NeurOptimal to learn their product better and, at the time, to be able to provide it to others. The difference between linear and non-linear is linear neurofeedback targets certain frequencies in the brain while non-linear neurofeedback trains all the frequencies in the brain. By training all the frequencies, the brain is being trained to work as optimally as possible.

My mind felt like a chipmunk on steroids in an ever constant need for stimulation. While I was progressing with the nonlinear neurofeedback, I realized that it stopped. I reached a point where I have a peace of mind.

It wasn’t enough though because my workplace still caused me to self stimulate again. Whenever I find a problem, my mind starts thinking about the problem so I can fix it. The obsession continues when I return home. This is how I could be getting help for my autism and still have a degradation of my mental state at the same time, where I would have to stim to cope to silence and soothe my mind.

The NeurOptimal really helped me be able to appropriately talk with my immediate supervisor and manager. I recognize that I have Oppositional Defiant Disorder, and I would go through bouts of it whenever I encountered something that did not make sense. After months of doing NeurOptimal, I asked the supervisor if he could tell a difference between how I am now versus how I was before I started getting this help. Jonathan Tighe – now a manager – told me that it is a night and day difference in how I am. Before I got this help, they could tell I was angry, upset, and ready to have an argument whenever I had something to bring up to them. The NeurOptimal calmed me down that I could simply have a conversation instead of an argument.

My family’s chiropractor started learning about earthing to improve his own performance as a body builder and the competitions he would participate in. He shared what he was learning and got my family to get our own earthing mats to sleep on our mattresses. The book that came with it went into detailed the results that people were getting by earthing themselves and the beginning of what science is teaching us about earthing our bodies. The book had a section where it covers how earthing helped persons with autism.

From my own experience, earthing helped calm things down further. I am more relaxed and emotionally in a better place. One of the positive outcomes from earthing yourself is it improves your sleep, and NeurOptimal does that too. I am a getting a deeper sleep where I am dreaming again from doing both NeurOptimal and earthing myself.

I feel like I have been blessed to get what I was able to get. From music, I got the beginning of training my brain to work as optimally as possible to help me. From linear and nonlinear neurofeedback, I got more brain training that improved my interactions with people. From earthing, I am more grounded than I have been in my life and getting the best rest I can get.

I got a lot of help for my autism, but it will not stop me from being an autistic. I am just a better version of myself. Furthermore, I am more in control. I do need my stimulation.

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